Training Fuel

I try to use clean training and racing fuel as much as possible. Sometimes when I am out on the bike for 4+ hours I tap into less clean options like Fritos and usually end up bowing to cola during the run portion of a race but here’s what I usually take along and use during races as a plan A:

Bars: Bonk Breaker has several vegan and gluten free options. When I run out of the espresso option I try to throw similar ingredients into my food processor to replicate the yummy formula!  If I don’t have them on hand other options with minimal ingredients and easy to transport are Luna and Clif Kit’s organic bars.

Chews: I haven’t found a gel that doesn’t feel like it just sits in my stomach after consuming it.  I like the texture and taste of the Bonk Breaker Chews and easy to consume on the bike.

Race fuel

Electrolytes: I have a high sweat rate so it is key for me to train and recover with electrolytes to avoid cramping and headaches.  Nuun is a clean product, tasty and easy to take with you.   Another tip is a great way to end your evening if you’ve had too many adult beverages (for me that is two glasses/drinks)!

Raw energy bites: my daily pre or during training fuel is from Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run book .  I love the “Shock-o-laht” Energy Balls.  Great source of iron too from the cacoa nibs!

Energy bites (left bowl)

Dates: quick clean energy!  I use these for run training too.  Just remember to take out the pits!  I prefer the medjool variety.  This is also a staple ingredient in any raw baking I do.

Bananas: is that a banana in your jersey pocket or you just happy to see me?  Very portable fuel for bike rides and good source of potassium.

Liquid calories: Skratch labs is the formula I have been using for longer rides (have tried Infinite and Hammer Heed).  Need to dial this in more for my upcoming 70.3 race to ensure I get enough calories on the bike before the run.  Another trick for gels is to squeeze contents into water bottle to get the calories without the syrupy shot.

Preworkout drink: I do drink about a cup of coffee a day but when I want a little added mental focus to a workout I use a preworkout and my current favorite is Drive from MRM.

Protein supplement: I truly believe I get enough protein from the plants, beans and nuts I eat every day but I do like adding protein powder to my smoothies for taste.  My current go to is also from MRM (not even sponsored by them!).  Vanilla bean is great in green smoothies and the Mocha is delicious even in just water!