Training Fuel

I try to use clean training and racing fuel as much as possible. Sometimes when I am out on the bike for 4+ hours I tap into less clean options like Fritos and usually end up bowing to cola during the run portion of a race but here’s what I usually take along and use during races as a plan A:

Bars: There are so many plant based and gluten free options on the market that I try different options.  I try to stick to ones with minimal ingredients, reasonable sugar content and easy to transport.

Chews: I haven’t found a gel that doesn’t feel like it just sits in my stomach after consuming it.  I like the texture and taste different kinds of chews and easy to consume on the bike.

Race fuel

Electrolytes: I have a high sweat rate so it is key for me to train and recover with electrolytes to avoid cramping and headaches.  Nuun is a clean product, tasty and easy to take with you.   Another tip is a great way to end your evening if you’ve had too many adult beverages (for me that is two glasses/drinks)!

Raw energy bites: my daily pre or during training fuel is from Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run book .  I love the “Shock-o-laht” Energy Balls.  Great source of iron too from the cacoa nibs!


Dates: quick clean energy!  I use these for run training too.  Just remember to take out the pits!  I prefer the medjool variety.  This is also a staple ingredient in any raw baking I do.

Bananas: is that a banana in your jersey pocket or you just happy to see me?  Very portable fuel for bike rides and good source of potassium.

Liquid calories: I haven’t been doing many long training sessions lately so mainly stick to water but if I am out longer I will add a mix to my bottle and the brand/kind varies.

Preworkout drink: I do drink about a cup of coffee a day but when I want a little added mental focus to a workout I use a preworkout mix from either MRM or Vega.

Protein supplement: I truly believe I get enough protein from the plants, beans and nuts I eat every day but I do like adding plant based protein powder to my smoothies for taste.